Trigger and Acquisition System Simulator 

The graphical interactive tool 
for virtual Daq and trigger design.


TASS is a program devoted to experimental physicists developing their trigger systems and to the students learning the fundamental aspects of this job.

TASS is a simulation program with interactive and graphical interface, it reproduces in realistic way the commercial NIM, VME, CAMAC modules: both the front panel picture and the electrical and logical behavior are fully simulated. 
TASS has been designed to run under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.

In TASS, you have access to any hardware and software characteristics like with real modules. You can:

        move switches ...

        push buttons ...

        set Camac/Vme functions ...

        make cables connections ...

        ... and so on.

To have an Overview of TASS

To try a demo package download   TASS 4.3

To receive any news about TASS please send mail to tass@top1.it

For any comment and/or suggestions please send Email to: tass@top1.it


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